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Makes the work of two and saves a lot of labor costs

How to economically and innovatively produce perfect square and rectangular tubes in small batches and different dimensions:

Customers always have a leading edge with FCF® forming technology

The remarkable FCF® flexible cold forming technology in particular has brought an advanced solution for the production of hollow structural sections (HSS) and specifically square and rectangular tubes. It was developed and patented by the German company SEUTHE, which now is part of the Austrian ASMAG group. Customers benefit from set-up times of less than one hour when forming a dimensional range of e.g. 1 ½” up to 5” square (40 x 40 up to 120 x 120 mm) with only one tool roll set. SEUTHE has continued to improve this technology resulting in faster dimension changes, higher throughput, lower material consumption and even longer roller service life.

This technology is in demand especially in the US market and where metric and imperial dimensions are sold, and dimensions can be infinitely and quickly adjusted.

Customers worldwide enjoy this advantage, as any customized dimension can be produced in small batch sizes without additional tool costs. Direct forming slashes the inevitable material thickening in conventional processing to an absolute minimum in corner radii and thus assures an optimal use of the strip material: Using FCF® saves some three to five percent of the strip width and there are no forming losses.

Ecological thinking and climate change are being increasingly incorporated into the metal forming technologies. The fact that SEUTHE has been reusing braking energy for over 25 years or feeding it back into the grid reduces energy costs. The use of modern motors with high efficiency classes and the way SEUTHE uses more individual drives and dispenses with large group drives with one motor, offers significant benefits: Here production is increased, downtimes are reduced.

Ultimately, adding up all advantages, one machine does the work of two and saves a lot of labor costs. Not without reason assure customers, that an investment in FCF technology has a pay-back within its first three years based on the sum of all improvements, additional yield in production, and material savings. 

Most recently, an FCF tube welding line was commissioned for a customer in the US. Another larger FCF tube welding line for the North American market is being assembled at SEUTHE and will be delivered very soon.