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The New Generation of Stainless Steel Lines with greater efficiency and completely new processing

All Part of a Production Process That's Safe and Easy on Material

For more than a hundred years, SEUTHE, an ASMAG Group company, has been developing welding lines for tubes with outside diameters starting at 6mm and wall thicknesses of 0.5 mm and greater. Located in the industrial city of Hemer, Germany, in North Rhine/Westphalia, all mechanical and electrical development, assembly, automation, and testing of SEUTHE equipment is done in-house. In all, we manufacture a minimum of 80 percent of the parts in our own production plant and inspect them through operational testing before they leave our plant. The quality that this guarantees puts SEUTHE head and shoulders above other suppliers in the industry. Beyond this, customers have come to value our custom-tailored development and process specifications that have established the company’s outstanding reputation around the world.

SEUTHE has designed and manufactured similar special stainless steel lines for the 6 mm to 168 mm outside diameter production range for more than two decades. More recently, designers, assemblers, and machine operators have implemented customers’ more exacting demands when it comes to creating competitive advantages. The result is a new generation of lines with greater efficiency and completely new processing and productivity specifications.

Along with the goal of lower operating and maintenance costs, customers prefer the SEUTHE sign of quality embodied in “Made in Germany,” not only based on our solid machine construction and the equipment’s long service life. They also appreciate the modular construction that facilitates extremely flexible adjustment to their specific process and production specifications. Multiple options also require adjustability, quick set-up times, and ease of operation. These requirements are all reflected in the new generation of stainless steel lines.

The trial runs have now been successfully completed at SEUTHE. This new line has been specially designed for laser welding or, in the alternative, a TIG welding device can be used just as effectively. The processes include specifically: de-coiler, strip end shear and welding machinery; edge scarfing; entry table; forming section; specially developed welding table for laser and TIG; bead lamination; bead grinding; sizing; eddy current and straightening using traditional Turk’s heads; a specially developed chipless cutting unit; and roller conveyor with sorting table.

A few highlights of the new stainless steel equipment:

  • The number of forming and intermediate stands is selected so that the roller set avoids any overextension of the strip edges. All the forming and sizing stands are operated by a single drive per shaft. This prevents any difference between the relative velocity of the strip and the forming flower.  The single motor drive also results in lower energy and tool costs. Slit tubes are formed gently and evenly, which prevents damage to the strip surface.
  • The welding table for laser or TIG has been designed so that a range of stainless steel products can be manufactured on a single line in rapid sequence. The separately encased welding area ensures an inert gas atmosphere that saves resources and prevents tube tarnishing. The unique arrangement of welding rolls provides for consistent stabilization of the melting line. Tests have shown that wall thicknesses of less than 0.6 mm can be reliably processed.   
  • The chipless cutting unit is based on a very robust, welded basic design that minimizes vibrations so that the cutting disk life and productivity are increased and costs are reduced.
  • The edge scarfing directs the strip with a very high number of the lead rolls vertically and horizontally with simultaneous low-vibration affect, while counterbalancing any bandwidth oscillations. The edge scarfing preps the edge for a top quality weld.

For customers who will then process the tubes on a draw-bench, our line design provides for optional cut-to-weight separation so that, after the drawing process, the length and weight of the tubes remains constant.

Now that tests have been completed, SEUTHE engineers can report with pride that the new stainless steel lines exhibit high availability, with reproducible settings, and short set-up times, ensuring production processes that are safe and easy on your material. Once again, the evidence is in – in-house manufacturing Made by SEUTHE means the highest quality in every respect. 

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