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Photos can be downloaded via right click.


Photos can be downloaded via right click.

In-house exhibition at SEUTHE

Innovative tube welding line technology live to touch

Customers had saved the date:  SEUTHE, one of the world's leading engineering and tube mill manufacturers, had invited to their in-house exhibition.  Between March 11th and 22nd, customers continually kept coming   for the rare opportunity to look at and experience machine innovation live in the workshop.  On site, interested parties and customers could talk shop with the developers and designers of the three impressive tube welding lines, get advice and discuss individual solutions. Thanks to the clever disposition and logistics of the tube mill manufacturer three completely different tube welding lines had been assembled at the same time in Hemer, just 100 kilometers from the North Rhine-Westphalian capital Duesseldorf. “Made in Germany” - a fact which the parent company, Austrian ASMAG Group based in Scharnstein, places particular emphasis. Thus, SEUTHE proudly presented three tube mills, all with high productivity, but with a different focus:

  • The RS 40, tube diameter: Ø 12.7 - Ø 40.0 mm, wall thickness: 1.0 – 4.0 mm, 
speed: 150 m/min
A special type of un-coiler was implemented in the RS40: the horizontal un-coiler. With the automated twisting section a fast and optimized strip threading was possible as well. Coil logistics and safety were at the forefront of the development of this tube welding line.
  • The FCF 240, profiles: 19 x 19 - 63 x 63 mm, wall thickness: 1.0 - 3.3 mm, 
speed: 100 m/min
The FCF240 (FCF® - Flexible Cold Forming technology) produces square and rectangular profiles from 19 x 19 mm to 63 x 63 mm without roll change - and this infinitely variable to every dimension in every possible intermediate dimension. The change from metric to imperial measurement units also allows the possibility of a direct entry of the inch dimensions without conversion.
  • The RS 30, tube diameter: Ø 16.0 - Ø 30.0 mm, wall thickness: 0.7 - 3.0 mm, 
speed: 185 m/min
The highlight of this high-speed machine is its high productivity that is achieved through speed. Designed for 185 m/min, it will easily produce between 140 and 180 m/min, i.e. around 30 tubes per minute in small dimensions. This means that every 2 seconds a tube is conveyed to the finishing line - a further challenge for the cut-off unit that should not be underestimated.

SEUTHE has been an innovation leader for many years when it comes to pioneering technologies. The purpose of the tube mills is not only to bring their buyers to the forefront through high-quality processing and technologically perfected solutions, but also to gain further competitive advantages through effective short changeover times: for example, changing dimensions without changing plates. The roll change is carried out by the machine operators so quickly gaining additional time for higher production volumes and saving additional staff.

The consistently solid design of all tube mills ensures both high precision in production and the quality of the tubes and profiles produced.  Strategically this initiated open doors for production in the automotive sector.

The cross-company-wide know-how of the ASMAG Group also seamlessly integrates stacking and bundling machines. They have been designed by ASMAG for many years and used in straightening and testing units. The entire tube welding line is built by the ASMAG Group without additional interfaces. The consistent programming from the inlet of the strip to the outlet of the finished tube bundle also reduces maintenance and failure frequency. To meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, the integrated process data acquisition and monitoring can be connected with the customer's existing systems with simple modules.

 Visitors could see and touch the sophisticated technology at the in-house exhibition, and also experience the high degree of identification of the designers and mechanical engineers with their tube welding lines through-out the entire facility. It was unmistakable - they also grew a bit dear to the designers. By now the tube mills already left the workshop on route to their customers. They have made room for new -lines that have been in the order books; for example, a tube welding line, type RS100, which is currently in production and the new FCF320 for square and rectangular shapes and profiles that is in the design phase.