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The company SEUTHE

From sheet metal strip to finished tube - SEUTHE is the one-stop source for standardized plant equipment and entire lines. In close cooperation with its customers, SEUTHE customizes and tailors equipment and machines to fit to customers' exact requirements when it comes to worldwide steel tube and section production.

Innovative technology and various tube mill concepts for different requirements are in the product portfolio giving SEUTHE its excellent reputation - and their customers a competitive advantage. SEUTHE can now offer both more than ever: the owner-managed ASMAG group acquired the company in 2010. In-house production, the technology alliance between both companies, the high quality standards and in-depth know-how of SEUTHE in the manufacture of machines and equipment for the production of longitudinally welded tubes and sections have catapulted the company all the way forward again - for the benefit of the customer.
One of the core competencies of SEUTHE is the patented cage forming process for forming of round or square and rectangular tubes CTA (Central Tool Adjustment) and FCF (Flexible Cold Forming) which VAI SEUTHE already developed in the 1990s. SEUTHE engineers further developed both technologies in the last 10 years to the technically most feasible.

Typically, the tube production process consists of the following steps: strip preparation and accumulation, forming, welding, sizing/straightening, cutting and further processing of the tube in the forming section to stacking and bundling, ready to ship.
For all these production steps SEUTHE designs and manufactures the appropriate equipment for the carbon steel and stainless steel tube industry. Based on an intelligent modular design the individual machines can be combined to production lines for mass production - also fully automated and customized. A tube is not yet a tube and a conventional tube welding line in the harsh desert climate requires different components and other electronics than a cage forming mill in icy Alaska.

In-house production is carried out with a high production depth and according to the latest manufacturing methods with strictest quality standards. Here, engineers, designers, the production team and automation experts work seamlessly together - coordinated internally and externally by a project manager. This makes teamwork easier and prevents communication deficits.

Thoughtful handling - optimized production