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Our customers produce tubes and sections -
we supply the equipment and machinery

Each month SEUTHE delivers a variety of machinery and equipment for the production of longitudinally welded tubes and sections to worldwide destinations. Our engineers developed, designed and assembled this machinery and equipment with and for the customers in our own workshops.

In fact the whole world needs tubes and sections: big, small, short, thin, steel, stainless steel, brass or copper/-alloys. The company SEUTHE assembles the machines which produce the tubes - ever faster, more precise, more economically. SEUTHE stands for high quality and innovative products which are designed to create added value for the customer.

The product portfolio includes basic, standard as well as special machines: seamlessly coordinated they form a complete line from the coil to the tested, stacked and packed finished product - or innovative components thereof.

And since innovative technologies and "Made in Germany" ensure a lifetime of machines from at least 30 to even 60 years, SEUTHE also offers customized after sales service, maintenance or/and modernization concepts and implements them on the spot.

Profitability, value creation and efficiency are the criteria by which innovative tube welding and roll forming section mills from SEUTHE must be judged. An investment in a tube mill shall bring the customer a return, not only costs.

Innovative and perfect tube mills - down to the smallest detail

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Makes the work of two and saves a lot of labor costs

How to economically and innovatively produce perfect square and rectangular tubes in small batches and different dimensions: customers always have a leading edge with FCF® forming technology. This technology is in demand especially where metric and imperial dimensions are sold, and in the US market where dimensions can be infinitely and quickly adjusted. 

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In-house exhibition at SEUTHE

Between March 11th and 22nd, customers continually kept coming   for the rare opportunity to look at and experience machine innovation live in the workshop.  On site, interested parties and customers could talk shop with the developers and designers of the three impressive tube welding lines, get advice and discuss individual solutions. 
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Roll forming lines for complex profiles

High availability, reproducible settings and quick set-up times with a material-saving and safe production process: Already a reality today at SEUTHE-lines

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